Climate and financial debt: the rest of the 8th day

Climate and financial debt: the rest of the 8th day

The Liberal Party of Quebec (PLQ) and Quebec solidaire (QS) today presented, respectively, measures on finance and climate. If the team of Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois is anxious to absorb the climate debt as soon as possible, the liberals of Dominique Anglade think that the budget deficit can wait, and that it is rather time to support Quebecers.

Earlier in the day, the Liberals unveiled their financial framework, while Québec solidaire announced its Climate Plan aimed at reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, entitled “Vision 2030”.

< p> Climate and financial debt: the remainder of the 8th day

41 billion over 5 years

< p>Among the measures intended to ease the financial pressure on Quebecers, the PLQ provides for a tax reduction of up to $1,125 per person per year and the creation of a “seniors allowance”. The latter would amount to $2,000 for people aged 70 and over who still reside at home.

A portfolio plan is also on the program, to provide financial support to Quebec families. This measure would bring in $5,000 annually for a family of two children and two adults.

Under a Liberal mandate, the solidarity tax credit would also experience a gradual increase of 25%.

The Liberals are also proposing investments as part of their ECO project, in particular to deal with the climate change, the aging population, and labor shortages.

“We must not be fooled by the budget balance. The reality is that while Quebecers are tightening their belts, the state is piling up large sums,” said the PLQ.

The total cost of the Liberals' economic itinerary is estimated at $41 billion over 5 years.

“All of these proposals will allow us to return to a balanced budget over a period of seven years while reducing the debt/GDP ratio each year,” said Dominique Anglade.

“Vision 2030”

For its part, Québec solidaire has set itself the objective of reducing GHGs by 55%.

To achieve this target, the party plans, among other things, to bring forward the ban on the sale of gasoline-powered cars to 2030 and to ban the registration of gasoline-powered vehicles from 2040. The price of public transport tickets would fall by 50 %, in order to encourage citizens to use their personal vehicles less.

Les solidaires would prohibit any project to transport hydrocarbons, by means of oil and gas pipelines, on Quebec soil and would ensure that the protection of natural environments is enhanced.

“What we are proposing to Quebecers is a plan that makes the government and large companies accountable, and that supports the population in making ecological choices by offering them affordable and effective solutions. “, declared Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois.

Québec solidaire's Climate Plan would cost $74 billion in capital expenditures by 2030 and $7 billion in operating expenditures during the party's first term.

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