Climate change: Quebecers expect more efforts from governments

 Climate change: Quebeckers expect more efforts from governments

Quebecers are doing more and more ; daily individual efforts to try to do their part in climate action, while their expectations of different government bodies are increasingly high, according to the 2021 Climate Action Barometer.

Expectations towards governing bodies are increasingly high regarding the climate actions undertaken. Indeed, to the question, “do what they must do”, Quebecers are more severe than in 2020 and consider that few institutions do what must be done. The federal government only meets expectations at 7% (23% in 2020), the Quebec government only 11% (36% in 2020) and the municipalities and MRCs only 14% (29% in 2020).

Quebeckers say they are ready for part of their taxes to be invested in the implementation of collective measures.

These fiscal surpluses could be invested in several climate actions since 77% of those polled agree to the development or maintenance of ecological urban planning initiatives, such as greening cities or fighting against urban sprawl, for example. About 75% of them support the construction or renovation of buildings to be carbon neutral, and 82% support the development or maintenance of local and small-scale agricultural initiatives. An education component could see the light of day since 74% of respondents are in favor of “making compulsory a course on climate and environmental issues and eco-citizenship in school curricula from primary to university”.

Since the last barometer, in 2020, individual daily actions are on the rise in many “green” actions. Quebecers minimize as much as possible the use of gasoline vehicles to 51% (31% in 2020), food waste to 85% (75% in 2020) or energy consumption at home to 76% ( 64% in 2020).

Paradoxically, the individual perception of “doing your part” is stagnating among Quebecers. Only 33% of those polled agree with the following statement: “The majority of Quebecers are doing their part, individually, to act against climate change”. They were 34% in 2020.

The climate action barometer is produced by the climate action laboratory, a collaboration between a research team from Laval University and the Quebec solutions media & nbsp ; Unpointcinq . The results come from an online questionnaire survey carried out on a sample of 2002 people aged 18 and over, living in Quebec and speaking French or English. Data collection was carried out by the firm Léger from September 27 to October 2, 2021

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