Clodelle flutters with her first album

Clodelle flutters with her first album


Singer and model Clodelle, who we saw fluttering about at Double Occupancy in the West, recognizes herself in the duality that characterizes her astrological sign, the Gemini. With her very first album, Gemini, the artist offers us a reflection of herself: both intense and vulnerable. 

Among the ten songs of the opus, there are as many dancing rhythms as calm ones. Clodelle confides to having “searched a lot musically” during the last years while composing her album. “I didn’t know if I wanted to do pop, rap or another style of music. I decided to mix everything together with lots of instruments. I find that the tunesare quite changeable,” she explains.

On more trap tracks, like Nine Lives and Autopilot , you can even hear the artist rapping. “One of my biggest musical references at the level of female rap, even if the world says that she does not rap, it is Doja Cat! We also mixed Drake influences,” she says.

Other titles, like Magazine and Calm< /em>, reveal a much more vulnerable and gentle Clodelle. “Calm was the first song I ever wrote and I wrote it in literally ten minutes. It really talks about my personal life, my private life and what I have been through,” she says. 

Personal compositions that resonate with others

Clodelle wrote most of the lyrics for Gemini in collaboration with her producer and ex-husband Claude Bégin, member of the Quebec rap group Alaclair Ensemble. The former lovers therefore remain close professional collaborators.

If the singer says she was inspired by the experience of her relatives for certain songs, it is also her own observations and learnings, made in recent years sometimes in the public eye, that we find in the texts.

I want people to be able to relate their personal life with my music, so I I also composed songs about other people's lives.


When he left d’Double occupation, an experience that helped her “grow” and “evolve,” Clodelle says she reworked the lyrics to four tracks with friends. “The majority of my tounes were written [before his participation in OD], but I wasn’t really happy with the message and where it was coming from,” she says.&nbsp ;

Moreover, the singer does not hide it: there is a part of her who agreed to do television for the rapid visibility that it could offer her. “There are more people who know me because I did OD, she agrees. […] But I also wanted to meet new people and have a new circle of friends and that's what happened so I'm happy.”

An international flavor

Unsurprisingly, the artist skilfully mixes French, English and Spanish, infusing an international flavor into the work. The use of three languages ​​in her lyrics is simply natural for the young English-speaking woman who grew up between Los Angeles, Mexico City and Montreal.

“It’s like that in my daily life too. With my sister, I speak a mix of Spanish and English. With my mother, it's French and English. I have friends that it's just Spanish, I have other friends that it's just French or just English, so I'm used to juggling the three languages. I found it interesting to put that in my music because it really represents me”, she explains. 

And does Clodelle aspire to break through outside Quebec? “Of course I wouldn't hate it,” she says straight away. […] Basically, English was for getting out of Quebec, but I want to start with my roots too and be known here above all.”

The one who is entering in the music industry will be performing for the very first time this summer at festivals. “I've never done it so it excites me, but it also stresses me out a bit, precisely because I don't know that!” she says. It's only the beginning for Clodelle, who seems completely ready to embark on this new chapter. By proving more assertive than ever on Gemini, the young singer makes a promising start in the music industry.

The album Gemini by Clodelle is available today on all streaming platforms< em>.

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