Closing your curtains to keep your apartment cool, does that work?

Closing your curtains to keep your apartment cool, does it work? 

Something as simple as closing the curtains could make all the difference.

It is well known that summer in Montreal is hot, very hot. Especially in our sunny apartment on the third floor no air conditioner. But, something as simple as closing the curtains could make all the difference, it seems… So, too good to be true? 

According to Marie-Sophie Berruex, expert in minimalist lifestyle, “closing the blinds or the curtains in summer is a practice to promote to keep the cooler inside the house and use less air conditioning [or heating in winter].” 

Especially if the curtains or blinds in question are weather-stripping, adds- she. Thicker, this type of curtain prevents the cold from entering in winter and the freshness from escaping in summer. 

As for color, Mélissa de La Fontaine, advisor and facilitator for zero waste lifestyle and ecological transition, recommends favoring pale curtains. They will thus be able to reflect the sun's rays rather than absorb them like a black curtain. 

Too late once inside 

However, this solution is not perfect, nuance Emmanuel B. Cosgrove, general manager of the NGO Écohabitation. Especially in the middle of a heat wave. The specialist believes that even if the curtain blocks the sun's rays and allows us to stay in the shade, it still lets in the heat since it is inside.  

The best way to keep the heat out of the apartment, according to the CEO of Écohabitation, is to apply a window film that reflects UV rays outside the window. Or outright to install shutters, also outside, as the Europeans do. “These are more efficient solutions so that the sun does not come inside”, explains Emmanuel B. Cosgrove. 

Creating freshness 

While simply drawing the curtains is not enough, we can nevertheless try to bring a little freshness back into our interiors. Air conditioning seems to be the most efficient option, but our beloved air conditioner is not very ecofriendly since it consumes energy and blows hot air outside, thus helping to make the problem worse.   

In addition to keeping the curtains and blinds closed, Marie-Sophie Berruex adds that “it is also important to keep the windows closed during the day and open them at night” in order to lower the temperature.  

“You can also create a draft by placing a fan in one of the windows to create a draught of air and thus refresh the room or the entire home,” she concludes.  

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