Collective news collection: many words under Bridges

Collective news collection: many words under Bridges

Blown away by the beauty of James Kennedy's works, novelist Chrystine Brouillet launched the idea of a collection of short stories inspired by her series of paintings on bridges.

Share September 25, 2020 Updated September 26, 2020 at 10:42 a.m. Share Collective news collection: many words under BridgesCollective news collection: many words under Bridges

Karine Tremblay La Tribune The book Bridges was born from a creative meeting that could never have taken place. And which, to be honest, started on fragile floors. Chrystine Brouillet had had enough of the noise. His neighbor had been hammering tin for years in the garage next door. When he left, she said to herself: “Finally! No more noise! “

And then one fine morning, a newcomer arrived and took over the workshop, unloading a truckload of large steel plates. “I am a kind of artist”, he summed up to the curious come to meet.

The novelist sighed. For a moment she thought she was still dealing with a body repairer. Two months have passed. Without a sound.

“James Kennedy eventually invited me to visit his place of creation. I immediately recognized the Jacques-Cartier Bridge, vertically, on one of the metal plates. A whole series of paintings occupied the premises. It was wonderful. I understood then to what extent he was an accomplished artist, ”says the author.

From this first contact with the artist's universe, an idea germinated.

“I thought to myself that other people need to discover his works, not just the clients in Toronto who buy his paintings. “

She proposed a collection of short stories inspired by steel paintings. The authors she contacted quickly answered the call. With enthusiasm. Claudine Bourbonnais, Marie-Ève Sévigny, Ariane Moffatt, Martin Michaud, RJ Ellory, Johanne Seymour and Claude A. Garneau were some of those who raised their hands.

“I have seen how evocative and unifying the theme is. The bridge, basically, is an elsewhere between two worlds, a link between two lands. “

The stories signed by the thirteen authors were recently published in the aptly named book. Printed on glossy paper, the book also includes photos of the works of James Kennedy.

Bridges everywhere

Throughout the stories, we recognize the Confederation Bridge, the Williamsburg Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, the Jacques-Cartier Bridge and the Victoria Bridge in Montreal, the MacDonald Bridge in Halifax, the Queen Street Bridge in Toronto, the Golden Gate of San Francisco. So many mythical and emblematic steel and concrete constructions that strike the imagination, evoke places or journeys.

“Each author first established their top 3 available decks. No one got their third pick, so everyone was happy. I had a blast walking around everyone's worlds, ”explains the writer, who has opted for the Tracel de Cap-Rouge.

Partly because the place was particularly significant for James Kennedy. A native of the Quebec City region, he first studied administration before pursuing an artistic career.

“I am passionate about architecture,” he explains. When I went back to take pictures of the Tracel-Rouge, near where I grew up, I understood why I was fixated on bridges. For me, these are benchmarks. Impressive architectural works, too. From a distance it sometimes looks like they are light, thin, made of lace. We approach and realize how sturdy, solid constructions are, steeped in history. I travel a lot and during each stay, I go near the bridges that interest me. I spend time around the structure, I meet people locally. “

Collective news collection: many words under Bridges

Artist James Kennedy recreates bridges everywhere on large steel paintings. His works inspired the authors who wrote a short story in the collection Ponts. Jean-Francois Papillon

Playing with lines

He also brings back lots of photos from which he is inspired to recreate the bridges on plates. Engraving, screen printing, games of textures give density and character to his exceptional works.

“What I like a lot is playing with lines and openings,” notes the man who has learned his art on a self-taught basis.

“With YouTube, we have access to a lot of knowledge,” he adds, laughing and specifying that his mother is also an artist.

“I bathed in this when I was a kid. A workshop is a place where I feel good. In addition to my steel paintings, I touch on drawing and sculpture. “

The world of books is new.

“I was really surprised and impressed to hear the news. I found it so beautiful, read it all! This book is a great gift for me, it is an honor and a pleasure to see that what I imagined takes another form by inspiring other creators ”, remarks James Kennedy.

From there to saying that its bridges have created bridges, there is a step … that we can take!

To view the works of James Kennedy:

Stories of bridges

In Ponts, thirteen authors sign fifteen short stories. Four of them talk about their text and what the symbolism of the bridge evokes for them.

Montreal author Chrystine Brouillet, author of Retrouvailles “The bridge is a precious access route. Places that were isolated have seen their reality changed by the construction of a bridge. I lived in Paris for a long time and I liked to walk on European bridges. I was there when Christo packed the Pont-Neuf. It was impressive. The fabric was iridescent, it took on the colors of the sky or the Seine. In the news I am signing, there is a story of friendship, but it shows how much an assault can devastate someone … My story is echoed in the wave of denunciations that has swept through social media recently , but I wrote it long before. I have been writing about violence against women for a very long time and I will continue to do so. You have to name things to make them change. It is a question of education. “

Sherbrooke author David Goudreault, author of Bien parti pour ill finisher “The choice of the Jacques-Cartier Bridge was imposed on me, because beyond fiction, I wanted to transmit information on this piece of our history . Behind the misadventures of my antihero, I slip data on the construction of the bridge, the cost of the toll to cross with a pig or a wheelbarrow at the time. The chronicler meets the novelist there, in a way. “

Comptonois author Benoît Bouthillette, author of La faucille du bacille “A bridge is an outstretched hand, which allows us to access the other. But it is also what brings us home, after having visited the world. It gives us the opportunity to contemplate the horizon from the height and to meditate on our values. A bridge is what combines opposing shores, therefore a link, like literature, which brings people together. And like this collection, which was an opportunity to renew crucial friendships. “

Sherbrooke native author Tristan Malavoy, 1959 author “When I chose James' artwork for the Williamsburg Bridge, I still had no idea what to write as short story. I was simply seduced by the angle of view proposed by the artist, which shows this steel monster from below. I immediately liked the mystery that emerges from it, the impression that the painting gives us entering a cathedral. The starting point of my text, I found it while researching the bridge, when I learned that the great jazz saxophonist Sonny Rollins had gotten into the habit, in 1959, of going to rehearse in the open air. on the Williamsburg. At that time, Rollins, still young but already famous, had decided to take a professional break to try to renew his musical language. His next album, by the way, was called The Bridge, one of his best. I found the image of this jazz giant offering his music to the East River and to the few passers-by very inspiring… Last November, I took my youngest son to spend a few days in New York. I took the opportunity to go for a walk on the bridge with him, just to check a few elements of the descriptions before returning the final copy of my short story, which is entitled… 1959. ”

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