Colombe St-Pierre in the Gelinaz! Shuffle

Colombe St-Pierre au Gelinaz! Shuffle

Colombe St-Pierre and his brigade have come up with eight recipes, of which they were unaware completely of the source.

3 December 2019 23h32


Colombe St-Pierre in the Gelinaz! Shuffle

Colombe St-Pierre au Gelinaz! Shuffle

Johanne Fournier

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RIMOUSKI — For the second time in his career, Colombe St-Pierre of the Restaurant In St-Pierre, Tuesday, met the challenge completely crazy Gelinaz! Shuffle. Unlike the 2015, where the head of Rimouski was a party cook to Stockholm for five days, during which a parisian chef had installed in his kitchen sector of the Bic, the well-known stove has cooked a meal consisting of eight services based on the number of recipes of a chef as she was unaware of the source in the world.

To 22h, a journalist had the task to announce to the thirty guests of the restaurant bas-laurentien and the head of St-Pierre and his team came from eight dishes. It is the author of these lines who has had the privilege to teach them that they had eaten food created by Sung Anh in Seoul, South Korea. “I knew it”, immediately called out the extrovert Colombe St-Pierre, who had confessed to be certain, for she imagined the revenue, that it was certainly recipes asian, or Korean, or japanese.

The gastronomic event of international completely crazy, which is considered by some to be the greatest delusion culinary of the planet, is more akin to performance art. During one evening, 148 heads in 138 restaurants in 38 countries exchanged recipes drawn at random, without knowing the provenance. For the sake of not emit no emissions of greenhouse gases, the Gelinaz! Shuffle has, for the first time, refused to travel by plane, while not erecting any borders. Rather, these are the recipes that have traveled.

The head-owner In Saint-Pierre said not to have found the challenge difficult. “I love challenges,” she started with insurance. “These are events that are built around creativity. We were offered revenue, but the aim was to interpret, to try to inspire a cuisine from another culture, to be reborn with our products, our culture and our interpretation of these recipes. This is an intercultural exchange monumental. I am a traveler. Therefore, it is not at all confusing to me!”

Dove had to modify a bit some recipes because of the availability of the products. For example, she preferred to change the lobster which is only sold in the pool in the winter by the octopus and mackerel for bluefin tuna in the Bay of Chaleur. Here are a few examples of dishes that have been served by the team At St. Peter’s : scallop and squid, juice emulsified fermentation of vegetables of the season; tartlet of prawns, mousse of lobster butter and radish roses into brunoise; flan of algae and organic soybean, eggs, pickled herring with oil of balsam fir, black rice popcorn and ears of Judas.



This is chef Dan Hunter of Birregurra in Australia who has cooked the eight recipes from Colombe St-Pierre. The winner of the Laurel in 2018 has not simplified the task.

“The recipes were a lot more believable than rated”, she says. “We had a service of squash and broth to the tomato with the vegetables of care. We made them make a fire because, for us, cooking on a wood fire, that is something important. It is difficult to control, but it brings us back to our origins, a little more primates. The first service, it was the cuteness. To make reference to global warming, as we imprison it in a block of ice and people could eat only at the end of the meal. There was a big reference to the winter.”

In addition Colombe St-Pierre, the only two other heads of Canada who attended the event were, Dyan Solomon of the Foxy and Marc-Olivier Frappier of My Rabbit!, two locations in Montreal.

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