Compatible, hiking and techno?

Compatibles, la randonné; techno? 

For some, nature is sacred: no question of taking out your phone during a hike in the forest. But there are still a few apps dedicated to hiking that can give us a hand. We present some of them to you. 


This Quebec application allows you to see hiking locations and their maps directly on your cell phone. It is considered reliable because its maps are provided directly by the managers of hiking sites. It's like the official paper map, but in an interactive version. Hikers locate themselves precisely on the map thanks to the GPS of their mobile device, all without access to wifi. There are even some interesting additional information, such as viewpoints not to be missed.

Avenza Maps

This application is also considered very reliable, as its maps come directly from the people responsible for on-site trail management. Its operation is similar to that of Ondago. It is as if the card had been scanned and put on the phone. It is in particular the hiking application preferred by the SEPAQ. 

Balise Québec 

It is not an application, but a website, also available on mobile. It is THE most reliable search engine, according to Rando Québec. The federation asks the managers of the various trails in the province to update the information on each trail themselves. In addition to making interactive maps available to hikers, Balise Québec lists a wealth of practical information on each trail. Period, schedule and access fees included.



The paper card, an essential 

Despite the increasingly developed technological offer, for Grégory Flayol, deputy general manager of the Rando Québec federation, the paper map remains essential when venturing into the forest. 

“The good old paper map that you get at the visitor center or that you can download and print at home is the guarantor of staying on the right path. In addition to providing reliable information, it cannot waste its battery.» 

Reliability above all 

The fake news, it's not just for shady websites, it's also something that can creep into some hiking apps, especially user-powered ones.  

You can take information from applications like AllTrails, which is very popular, but it is strongly suggested to cross-check the information on official platforms.  

Strava, Hikster, Ride with GPS, Map My Ride are other applications that can be useful, but should be considered as extras to the official map.  

Grégory Flayol explains that the majority of interventions hiking are not due to injuries, but to people getting lost and needing to be escorted.  

Illegal promotion 

The outdoor world is suffering the repercussions of this type of application where users share their “sometimes illegal” experiences in kind, deplores Grégory Flayol.  

“People sometimes don't know they're on a private road and promote a route that isn't legal or doesn't follow good practice. For example, riding a mountain bike on a hiking trail is not good practice. The owner of the land who has given his agreement just for the hike can decide to close the access”, he says, explaining that it is then all the hikers who are blocked for a handful of faults.  


Other suggestions 

< p class="has-jaune-background-color has-background">According to Alexis Nantel's Practical hiking guide, these applications are also among the most reliable : 

PeakFinder, which allows to recognize the summits in front of us and to visualize them before attacking them. 

PeakHunter, which allows to manage and keep the summits reached with proof GPS., for everything related to ornithology. 

iNaturalist, to discuss and share observations among naturalists. < br>
Seek, to identify a plant or animal by taking a picture of it.&nbs p;

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