Compulsory vaccination: Anglade summons Legault to “go further”

Vaccination obligatory: Anglade summons Legault & laquo; to go further & raquo;

Dominique Anglade.

Fearing the effects of a potential re-containment, the leader of the Liberal Party of Quebec (PLQ), Dominique Anglade, in a Facebook post, called on the Prime Minister, François Legault to impose compulsory vaccination on all government employees, networks health and social services, education, daycare services in facilities, the National Assembly and people attending college and university campuses.

People with medical reasons should be exempted of this measure, specifies Ms. Anglade in the publication posted online around 1:30 p.m. on Sunday.

“The majority of Quebecers are vaccinated and tired of the pandemic and do not want to relive the effects of a containment, nor to lose their freedoms again after so many sacrifices. Unfortunately, the situation is worrying. For a fifth consecutive week, cases are up, this time by 46%. Anticipated hospitalizations are on the rise by 69% “, maintains Ms. Anglade.

Compulsory vaccination in health

Last Tuesday, Mr. Legault announced that vaccination would soon be compulsory for health workers in Quebec. Employees in contact with patients for more than 15 consecutive minutes will be targeted. All trades will be included, from paramedics to doctors to CHLSD attendants.

This compulsory vaccination will be the subject of a parliamentary committee this week. At the end of this commission, it will be determined what will happen to the recalcitrant employees, who will be subject to “administrative measures”.

It remains to be seen whether they will be “suspended with or without pay”, but Mr. Legault has already announced “that they will not be able to work”. The Quebec premier also mentioned that compulsory vaccination could be extended to teachers.

The cabinet of Mr. Legault also reacted, Sunday afternoon, to the publication of Ms. Anglade, recalling that compulsory vaccination will be debated in parliamentary committee this week.

“Public health already recommends that we make vaccination compulsory for health workers who are in contact for at least 15 minutes with patients. As since the start of the pandemic, we are relying on science and experts We can never insist enough: go get your two doses! The Delta variant is contagious and dangerous ”, we can read in a statement sent to Metro .

For her part, Ms. Anglade mentions that to minimize the effects of the fourth wave COVID-19, “Now is the time for more firmness and predictability.”

“We can no longer take half measures, nor change plans every week. Taken individually, the adequate vaccination of the greatest number is the main factor that will get us out of this crisis. Of all Quebecers, only 65.8% received their two doses. In the face of changing cases, [& # 8230;] we must go even further. The State [& # 8230;] has a duty to set an example, so that the entire population follows suit, ”she stresses.

Remember that health workers will have to have received a first dose by September 1, then a second dose by October 1.

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