Confusion dissipated, the MRC de la Matanie

Confusion dissipée à la MRC de La Matanie

The mayor of Sainte-Félicité, Andrew Turcotte

November 27, 2019 23h14


Confusion dissipated, the MRC de la Matanie

Confusion dissipée à la MRC de La Matanie

Johanne Fournier

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MATANE — The confusion sown in the wake of the last extraordinary meeting of the RCM of La Matanie, held on November 5 and in which the sole topic on the agenda was “Agreement of termination of employment of the director-general”, eventually, dissipate. During the ordinary meeting of the council convened on Wednesday, the citizens have learned that the used civic, who is currently on sick leave for an indefinite period, remained according.

“There is no follow-up, has informed in interview to the Sun the mayor of Matane, Jerome Landry. It was negotiating with Ms. [Line] Ross, but she decided to remain at the MRC. It was a negotiation of early retirement. We wanted to prepare the next generation. We had a strategic plan with new challenges. It was to see to work and to prepare a transfer of skills and expertise for the new person to replace her.”

The mayor Landry and his counterpart in Sainte-Félicité, Andrew Turcotte, had sent to the other nine elected a summons by a bailiff. Once all the members of the council met, the mayor of Matane had lifted the assembly as soon as it opened. “We wanted to be able to have a final offer,” explains Jérôme Landry. But Ms. Ross has decided, a few hours before the meeting, to cancel its proposal.”

This way the mayor Landry and the suspicions raised around the used civic, which is in the position for sixteen years, had been roundly criticized by former prefects and the one who held the office until Wednesday, Denis Santerre, and by citizens.



During Wednesday’s meeting, the council of the MRC de la Matanie has adopted a resolution to amend the zoning bylaw of the Town of Matane in order to allow the implementation of a plant cryptomonnaie on the territory of the municipality. The proposed conversion of a former pulp and paper plant closed down since 2012, is no longer in the cards. “This is a folder that walks, confirms the mayor of Matane. There is a developer who wishes to develop the service in Matanie. So, we made changes to zoning so that he may be able to operate in the industrial park.” The elected official has refused to reveal the name of the sponsor and its schedule.

Jerome Landry is worried by Hydro-Quebec, which was considering a raise electricity prices for mining bitcoins. “This is a project on a small scale, he says. Therefore, there is no problem for the moment with Hydro-Québec.”

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