Contracts with McKinsey: after Legault, Trudeau

Contracts with McKinsey: after Legault, Trudeau

The use of the American consulting firm McKinsey is not the prerogative of François Legault. Justin Trudeau would have used the firm considerably more than the previous Conservative government of Stephen Harper, according to information revealed by Radio-Canada.

The Trudeau government gave $66 million to the McKinsey cabinet, 30 times more money than the Harper government ($2.2 million), although Mr. Harper remained in power for nine years, while Mr. Trudeau led the Canada for seven years.

The federal government did not give specific answers as to what areas McKinsey was consulted on, but 44% of the total money used was by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) or the Agency. border services. Ottawa justifies these numerous appeals by the shortage of jobs.

François Legault had already been in the hot seat during the election campaign, when McKinsey's role in the provincial management of the pandemic had been brought to light. The consulting firm then received $6.6 million in public money to organize strategies, meetings and committees to deal with the pandemic.

Across the Atlantic Ocean , the French government of Emmanuel Macron has also made massive use of the firm since coming to power, also to fight against the pandemic. In mid-December 2022, the National Financial Prosecutor's Office, which deals with the fight against financial crime, had also searched the premises of Renaissance – President Macron's party – and McKinsey on this subject as well as on the cabinet's intervention in the 2017 and 2022 election campaigns.

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