Coop Alentour rewarded for its efforts in sustainable development

Coop Alentour rewarded for its efforts in sustainable development

Jean Hogue, general manager of the Coopérative Alentour

Share October 1, 2020 Updated October 2, 2020 at 6:30 a.m. Share La Coop Alentour rewarded for its efforts in sustainable developmentCoop Alentour rewarded for its efforts in sustainable development

Mélanie Noël La Tribune La Coopérative Alentour is the recipient of the Sustainability Award, awarded by the Canadian Health Food Association. This prize rewards natural food companies for innovative actions taken in sustainable development which aim to reduce the ecological footprint of the company's activities, but also to improve the lives of employees within the organization and from the community.

“We have taken several initiatives with the aim of reducing our ecological footprint: we have a partnership with the Estrie consulting firm ADDERE to help us achieve our targets for reducing residual materials and greenhouse gases. Our employees are also very committed to this approach, whether it is by giving time to a sustainable development committee or by taking small actions every day to recycle and compost more ”, declared Jean Hogue, general manager of the Coopérative Alentour. , which was founded in 1979.

The 2020 gala edition took place online, pandemic obliges, and the prize comes with a trophy made only from recycled materials and a donation from Concious Brand to the development organization sustainable at the choice of the recipient.

“We are very proud of this recognition of our efforts today and we will continue on this path”, summarized Mr. Hogue, recalling that the Cooperative is a leader in the field of the distribution of natural products, but its mission is above all, to be a socially and environmentally responsible company on behalf of its members.

A continuous commitment

In addition to environmental initiatives, the Coopérative Alentour, which has more than 22,000 members, contributes to sustainability by supporting Quebec businesses that share the same values of healthy and local food. All the divisions of the company, whether it is the distribution center, the bagging workshop and the grocery store, are engaged in the promotion of organic or natural products from here.

“We sincerely believe that encouraging local creators, Quebec companies committed to healthy lifestyles and which showcase our Quebec products, can have significant local and provincial spinoffs. Moreover, more than 70% of our sales come from Quebec products and sales are growing strongly from year to year, which shows that the demand is there for healthy and local products. Everyone wins: producers, distributors and Quebec consumers, ”said Martin Trottier, business development director at the Coopérative Alentour.

The Alentour Cooperative is proud to be a partner from the outset of flourishing companies such as Evive Smoothie (carbon neutral company), Cuisine Angélique (healthy, organic food company that meets a need for gluten-free food) and Purpop for n ' to name a few, and distribute them throughout Quebec in food markets.

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