Couple of Beaucerons killed in Florida: “inadequate security”, according to neighbors

Estelle Aucoin and her husband are used to taking a walk in the mobile home park where they live, in Pompano Beach, Florida. Often, they stopped to chat with Marc Gagne and Rita Fortin, the murdered Beauceron couple, at the end of the week, in an area of ​​the city that seems less and less secure.

“It was a very warm couple. I can not believe what happened to them, “says Ms. Aucoin, a snowbird from Shediac, New Brunswick.

Estelle Aucoin lives near the house of the deceased. In recent months, she and several residents of Golf View Estates – the mobile home park where they live – have noticed that thefts and break-ins have increased significantly.

“In other years, they stole bicycles and other small items,” she says of thieves. But this year, they were coming home. ”

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Claude Beaudoin, who lives in the same trailer park as the victims, says that one of his friends, who also lives in the park, even stole his car twice – once his, then his vehicle two days later.

Without being too worried, Mr. Beaudoin still believes that “security is not adequate” in this park reserved for 55 years and over. A guard is supposed to provide surveillance from 20h. But non-residents often go around the park at night, he said.

The Golf View Estates has already been closed. But the fence was torn off after a hurricane and was not replaced.

On Monday afternoon, Estelle Aucoin and other members of the Golf View Estates Residents Committee were to meet in the park to educate the park owner and local authorities about the decline in park security.

The investigation continues

Meanwhile, police and forensic experts continue their investigation into the deaths of 80-year-old Marc Gagné and 78-year-old Rita Fortin of Saint-Côme-Linière, Beauce.

The Broward County Sheriff’s Office regards this case as a double homicide. No suspects have been identified yet.

According to the sheriff’s office, neighbors of the couple worried that they had not seen them for a few days. Then, Friday afternoon, one of the neighbors found a way to enter the house and made the macabre discovery.

Pompano Beach, a city north of Fort Lauderdale, has a poor record on crime.

Selon le site NeighborhoodScout, qui compile les statistiques des forces de l’ordre, 97 % des villes américaines sont plus sécuritaires que Pompano Beach. La moyenne de crimes violents et de crimes contre la propriété y est environ deux fois plus élevée que la moyenne de la Floride.

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