COVID-19: increase in deaths in Quebec

COVID-19: increase deaths in Quebec

Quebec reports a significant increase in deaths and hospitalizations due to COVID-19, particularly in intensive care.

Quebec health establishments note an increase in hospitalizations linked to COVID-19, with an increase of 188 people (433 new admissions and 245 discharges), which gives a total of 2742 hospitalized in the province. Intensive care admissions also saw an increase, up seven people from the previous day (45 admissions and 38 discharges), for a total of 255 people admitted to intensive care.

Among the new hospitalizations of the day, there are 117 people not vaccinated or having received a first dose for less than 14 days, 13 primary vaccinated, 290 people having received at least two doses and 13 children aged 0 to 4 years.

Infections for this new day reach the figure of 8,710, which is 1,863 cases less than the figure of the day before, and 5,784 cases less than last week. However, this data is not representative of the actual number of cases, since screening is now limited.

The new cases are divided between 1543 unvaccinated, 313 primary vaccinated, 6648 double vaccinated and 206 children of 0 to 4 years old.

According to INSPQ data, an unvaccinated person has a 7.1 times greater risk of hospitalization compared to a person who received two doses.

Quebec has 62 additional deaths

Quebec has 62 new deaths in the last 24 hours. The human toll of the COVID-19 pandemic in Quebec drops to 12 028 deaths.

Active outbreaks are increasing and showing the figure of 1266 for the date of January 10. An active outbreak corresponds to the occurrence of at least two confirmed cases of COVID-19 during a period of up to 14 days and having a link to a specific place or event, according to the INSPQ.

The effective reproduction rate (Rt) is currently 1.56, indicating increased circulation of the virus in the population. The rate of Rt is defined as the average number of infections produced by an infected case, again according to the INSPQ. For example, an Rt of 2 means that an infected person will transmit COVID-19 to an average of two people during the time they are infectious. & Nbsp;

Number of active hospitalizations by hospital center

< td> -1

< td> Center hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal

< td> 60

Hospital Total Change since the day before
Montreal Heart Institute 13 + 2
Hôpital du Sacré-Coeur de Montreal 82 -2
Montreal General Hospital 33 +1
Jewish General Hospital 131 +5
St. Mary's Hospital Center 68 +4
Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital 117 +2
Hôpital de Verdun 43 +2
CHU Sainte-Justine 25 -1
The Montreal Children's Hospital 8 0
Montreal Neurological Hospital 6 +1
Royal Victoria Hospital 92 +4
LaSalle Hospital 6 +1
Lakeshore General Hospital 60 +12
Hôpital de Lachine 13 -3
Fleury Hospital 26 -1
Jean-Talon Hospital 27
Santa Cabrini Hospital 41 +5
100 +5
Hôpital Notre-Dame +1

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