COVID-19 outbreaks in 4 new CHSLDs and 2 RPAs

 Closions of COVID-19 in 4 new CHSLDs and 2 RPAs

If the situation still seemed under control before the holidays, the spread of COVID-19 continues in residential homes for the elderly in Montreal. As of January 4, 5 CHSLDs, including 4 new since December 22, and two Residences for Seniors (RPA) were in bloom.

After a week without updating the data, the Ministry of Health finally published the list of the number of cases and deaths in CHSLDs and RPAs in Quebec this morning. & Nbsp;

According to the data dating from January 4, two Montreal CHSLDs are in the red. These are the CHSLD Paul-Bruchési, located in Ville-Marie, which has 25 active cases and one death, as well as the CHSLD Louis-Riel, located in the South-West, which has 39 active cases, including one in the last 24 hours.

The CHSLDs at Sainte-Anne Hospital, in the West Island, which had two cases on December 22, now have 10, including three in the last 24 hours. & Nbsp;

It is located in the yellow, just like the CHSLD Château Westmount, located in the West, and Auclair, in Rosemont. They have respectively 21 and 37 active cases. & Nbsp;

The CHSLD Auclair also reports two deaths and 26 of the 37 active cases were declared in the last 24 hours.

State of the situation in RPA

In Montreal, two RPAs are affected by outbreaks of COVID-19, again according to data from the Government of Quebec as of January 4.

The RPA Prince of Wales, located in the West, has 4 active cases, while the RPA Manoir Baie-d & rsquo; Urfé, also in the West-Island, has three.

As of December 22, the RPA Le Cavalier in LaSalle was living an outbreak that affected 17 of its residents. As of January 4, RPA is no longer on the list. It has not been possible to confirm whether the outbreak is indeed over as of this writing.

Across the province, there are reports of an increase in hospitalizations, admissions to intensive care as well as deaths from COVID-19. The number of new cases, meanwhile, remains relatively stable. Quebec has also recorded 39 new deaths in the last 24 hours.

Of all the 15,000 employees of the CIUSSS du Nord-de-l'Île-de-Montréal, yesterday there were 660 positive employees and 198 in voluntary isolation, says spokesperson Emilie Jacob.

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