COVID-19: Quebec is about to tighten the screws

COVID-19 : Quebec is ready to tighten the screw

The Premier of Quebec, François Legault, accompanied by Dr. Horacio Arruda and the Minister of Health Christian Dubé, announces a curfew in the goal of limiting the spread of the coronavirus./Josie Desmarais

Christmas is now behind us, but with New Years Eve upon us and the number of cases linked to the Omicron variant which continues to increase, the Quebec government is preparing to tighten up the opinion. New measures should be announced at a press conference by the Prime Minister at 5 p.m.

More than 14,000 new cases will be identified in Quebec this Thursday in addition to a sharp increase hospitalizations.

The new measures

The Prime Minister is expected to announce a decrease in the number of people who can take goes to private gatherings. As of tomorrow, it would be members of a single family bubble who could reunite, rather than two, as previously permitted.

There could also be a return of the curfew. This could be set at 9 or 10 p.m. until 5 a.m. It would initially be announced for a three-week period.

Considered a potential outbreak site, restaurants may be completely closed. Non-essential businesses could remain open.

The start of the school year, initially postponed to January 10, could be postponed for another week, or January 17.

To be continued.

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