COVID-19: the modified isolation period for household contacts

COVID-19: the modified isolation period for household contacts

Acting national director of public health, Luc Boileau./Josie Desmarais/Métro

Individuals who have been in close contact with COVID-19 will no longer have to isolate themselves as of March 12. Previously, after household contact with COVID-19, it was necessary to stay at home for five days.

“But you still have to protect yourself,” explains the national director of Public Health Luc Boileau, during a press conference held in Montreal on Thursday. If you are in contact with the disease, you must avoid outings during which you remove the mask, and avoid contact with immunosuppressed people.”

Individuals who are positive for COVID-19 must still self-isolate for a period of five days.

In Quebec, 1,200 beds are occupied by patients with COVID-19. However, half of those hospitalized presented for care for reasons other than COVID-19.

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