CPE of Montreal and Laval: the agreement in principle is adopted

Montréal and Laval CPE: the agreement in principle has been adopted

An agreement in principle between the Union of Workers of Early Childhood Centers of Montreal and Laval (STCPEML) and the National Employers' Association of Early Childhood Centers (APNCPE) intervened late Thursday evening. The agreement was adopted by 96%.

The STCPEML-CSN announced in a press release that in addition to an 18% salary catch-up for educators, workers in Montreal and Laval will maintain their rest period already in place in their work environment. work, participation in the sound application of pedagogy and decisions affecting the organization of daily life in their groups of children and work-family balance by maintaining stable schedules.

Enhancement of CPE infrastructures

In addition, the Minister of Families, Mathieu Lacombe, also announced on Friday a 76% increase in most funding scales of the Early Childhood Center Infrastructure Funding Program (CPE).

This historic increase will serve to increase the budgets allocated to CPE infrastructure construction projects which face several pressures, including the scarcity of labor and materials, but also the ;increased costs of professional fees, materials and land.

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