Cranberry juice really effective against urinary tract infections

Cranberry juice really effective against urinary tract infections

A study indicates that cranberry juice could be used to prevent urinary tract infections in certain cases. It would be particularly effective for women and children at risk of developing this type of infection and for people who have had operations affecting the bladder.

Until now, the scientific literature tended to believe that no link existed between the consumption of cranberries and the prevention of urinary tract infections.

The study conducted by five Australian researchers testifies to the role of condensed tannins present in cranberries. Tannins prevent bacteria from sticking to the walls of the bladder, helping to prevent infections.

A minimum condensed tannin dose has not been established at this time, and it is not mandatory to enter the quantity when selling cranberry products. Results are therefore not guaranteed for someone consuming cranberry juice at home, although it may help.

In older populations, pregnant women, and adults with certain bladder problems , cranberry juice did not appear to reduce the risk of infections when tested.

Just under 9,000 patients took part in the Australian researchers’s study. Some received placebos and others cranberries. Some of the patients did not receive any treatment. In addition to juice, cranberry tablets and capsules have also been used, with similar results.

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