Crowdfunding against the Chemin Rhéaume project

Crowdfunding against the Chemin Rhéaume project

A project of fifty residences has been submitted at rue des Châtaigniers, on chemin Rhéaume.

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Jonathan Custeau La Tribune The group of citizens who oppose the construction of 50 houses in the area of Chemin Rhéaume is launching a crowdfunding campaign to strengthen its participation in a hearing of the Commission municipale du Québec on October 16. These citizens want to pay the costs of the testimony of a biologist.

The group addressed the Municipal Commission asking it to study the compliance of a by-law adopted by the City of Sherbrooke to allow the construction of 50 houses in an area with high ecological potential, outside the urban perimeter. . While elected officials approved the project to honor a commitment made at the time of the municipality of Saint-Élie-d'Orford, the promoters of the Domaine de la Vallée d'Orford have committed to protecting almost all of the wetlands. located in the project.

The hearing of the Commission municipale du Québec is scheduled for October 16. In a press release, the citizens explained that they had called on an expert wetland biologist to support their cause. “The money raised in the crowdfunding campaign will be used to defray the costs of analyzing the file, the testimony in committee as well as the costs of transport and accommodation,” reads the document.

Crowdfunding against the Chemin Rhéaume project

Catherine Boileau Photo Archives La Tribune, Jessica Garneau

“Our impression is that the City did not follow its own rules set out in its development plan concerning wetlands. We are counting on an expert to come and explain the inconsistencies of the project and how it will affect the natural environment, ”explains Catherine Boileau, representative of the group.

Amélie Hébert-Chaput, also representative of the group, therefore hopes for citizen participation to finance this expertise. “The current context continues to confirm the importance of natural environments for their services, like real sanitation infrastructures. This hearing is a way of sending a message to the city level that it is time for the protection of the regional natural heritage to be translated into real actions ”, pleads Ms. Hébert-Chaput.

The Go Fund Me crowdfunding campaign aims to raise between $ 1,500 and $ 2,000.

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