Cry from the heart of the mayor of Matane, in response to the PEQ of the CAQ

Cri du cœur du maire de Matane en réaction au PEQ de la CAQ

The mayor of Matane, Jerome Landry, and the director general of the Cégep de Matane, Pierre Bédard, consider that the PEQ is a real threat on the college and on the economic environment.

November 7, 2019 22h53


Cry from the heart of the mayor of Matane, in response to the PEQ of the CAQ

Cri du cœur du maire de Matane en réaction au PEQ de la CAQ

Johanne Fournier

Special Collaboration


MATANE — The mayor of Matane, Jerome Landry, launched on Thursday a cry from the heart in response to the program of the quebec experience (PEQ) of the government Legault. “This is really an attack on my area and my college, so that we are trying to be self-reliant, to grow, to attract people. You have people, here at the Cégep [Matane], who are working very hard to attract young people who choose Canada, Quebec and The Matanie.”

Several stakeholders socio-economic have joined their voice to that of mayor, in front of an audience composed of many students visibly concerned met in the entrance hall of the cégep de Matane. The director general, Pierre Bédard, has made it clear that the PEQ, in its current form, was a direct threat to the property, which is 45 % of the clientele come from abroad.

The wrong already done

Mr. Bédard believes that the prime minister François Legault lack of knowledge in relation to the reality of specific colleges like the one in Matane. “We have a team of four people, which makes recruiting internationally,” he says.

According to him, the damage is already done. “It is already scared on the outside, he says. Everyone here is in contact with someone in France or Reunion island. The news spread instantly. It is very unfortunate. It is a very bad message that it sends to the outside!”

Mr. Bédard is particularly concerned for the future of four programmes of his institution which do not appear in the list of the PEQ and the majority of the clientele comes from abroad. “We would lose between 150 and 200 students out of a total of 700”, deals there, while urging Quebec to cancel this famous list and to return back.

Cold shower

For the co-ordinator of the student association, who is originally from Toulouse, in France, the PEQ has the effect of a real cold shower on the 315 students of the Cégep de Matane. “We were not ready for that, dropped Mathéo Myango, who is studying in 3D animation and image synthesis. It is a lot of misunderstanding. It has a serious impact on this beautiful country where we were very well received, and I think, on the part of the French, there will even be a refusal to do the legwork. This dream has now been removed.”

For Isabelle Cayer, the existence of the Centre for development and research in digital imaging (CDRIN) will be threatened. “Without the foreign students, the CDRIN would no longer exist, has informed the general director of the college centre for technology transfer of the cégep de Matane, founded seven years ago. It is nearly 100 students who have participated in research activities collégiale, of which 60 % came from international mobility.”

In a context of scarcity of labour, the spokesperson of the Chamber of commerce region of Matane and the RCM of La Matanie have insisted on the importance of students from outside for several jobs at the conclusion of their program. In addition, the impact of the student are assessed at $9 million.



MATANE — following the extraordinary meeting which took place in the most total confusion, on Tuesday, the prefect of the MRC de La Matanie, Denis Santerre, wants to be reassuring to the respect of his fellow citizens. As soon as open, immediately was lifted to the assembly by the mayor of Matane, Jerome Landry, who had referred to the confidentiality of the single object to the order of the day, which was on an agreement of termination of employment, dg of the MRC. While he had made known his disagreement, and that he demanded that the assembly is public, so it was that the prefect agrees with mayor Landry. “It is not a lack of transparency, but of the rules of non-disclosure related to the files of human resources”, retracts-t-it. Mr. Santerre also reiterates its full confidence towards the employee, municipal referred to, Line Ross. JOHANNE FOURNIER (SPECIAL COLLABORATION)

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