Culture for seniors took “all its meaning” last summer

Culture for seniors took 'all its meaning' last summer

Some twenty shows were presented in twelve retirement homes in the Sources and Val-Saint-François RCMs during the summer.

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Simon Roberge, Local Journalism Initiative La Tribune The Culture for Seniors project unveiled a more than positive outcome Thursday on the occasion of International Seniors Day. Twenty shows were presented in twelve seniors' residences in the Sources and Val-Saint-François RCMs during the summer.

In all, 466 spectators, including 120 English speakers, attended the various performances.

“We were already aware that there was a need to intervene with our seniors, but with the pandemic situation, it has become exponential,” explains Sarah Touchette, executive director of the organization Le vent dans les arts, a major partner. of Culture to the Elders. I saw the direct impact in people of being able to go out and share a moment of happiness. I am thinking of Brunante de Racine where there were deaths. When we intervened in May, it was the first time that the residents could meet all together. We took a moment to meditate. “

Culture for Seniors is currently working on a fall and winter program that cannot contain outdoor shows.

“We are currently working on activities with traditional media, such as community radio stations and newspapers,” says Ms. Touchette. These are ways that seniors use daily that are not stressful for them. It doesn't require learning. “

Very small backgrounds

However, the project does not intend to set aside virtual creative workshops in residences.

“If ever we can no longer enter the residences, we have several tablets that can be distributed”, assures Ms. Touchette.

Culture for Seniors also intends to reproduce its successes during the next summer season.

“We want to go to certain circles that we haven't been able to see,” she sums up. What we have realized is that we are in an environment where there are several very small communities that never receive activities. We want to go to them. “

Culture for Seniors is one of three projects funded in Quebec for five years by the New Horizons Seniors Program (PNHA). It aims for the social participation of seniors, particularly those who are more isolated, through the use of the arts and culture in the MRCs of Val-Saint-François and Sources.

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