Cut off by the Riders, Vincent Roy comes back with the Green & Gold

Retranché par les Riders, Vincent Roy revient avec le Vert & Or

The front offensive of the Green & Gold of the University of Sherbrooke has just received a great news: Vincent Roy will be playing a fifth year with the team.

Roy, that was a choice of the sixth round of the Riders of Saskatchewan (53rd selection) during the last draft of the canadian football League, was released the end of last week.

If he can’t continue in the pros, at least not immediately, Vincent Roy sees with great optimism the fifth and final year at the university level.

“For real, I am very happy with my experience, from what I have experienced. This was very rewarding. I’ve had the chance to participate in the two preseason matchups for the team. In the first, against Calgary, I played the first quarter until the end of the game, since three players of offensive line starters were not dressed. In the second game, against Winnipeg, I played in the second half. This was very satisfactory! “said the player of 6’5” and 285 pounds, a native of Granby.

“I knew that there were several veterans on the front offensive, so I was excited about the possibility of me carve out a place on the team training. But this has not happened. I am very calm in the face of this decision. At the same time, return to Sherbrooke, it was in my plans. And most probably it would have been the same scenario if I had been relegated to the team practice, ” he said.

“This fifth year with the Green & Gold will allow me to make the transition between the academic level and the pros. Everything is spent quickly since the end of the season 2018. I renewed contact with my coaches, we discussed strategic points learned with the Riders. I’m pumped for my fifth season. “

The main difference between the professional and university level?

“It is the business side of football, which is ubiquitous. If you’re good, we keep you, otherwise, you cup. The concern with the development is different than the one we see at the university level. “

Vincent Roy, which remains the property of the Rider, should be invited to the camp of the team, next year.

Also note that the center player Maxime Latour, who participated in the training camp of the Montreal Alouettes, has been released.

Same scenario for Alexandre Gagnon, who was at camp for the Toronto Argonauts.

These two players are former door-colours of Green & Gold.

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