Daliaf.com: a site dedicated to local imaginary literature

Daliaf .com : a site dedicated to imaginary literature from here

The first paper edition of the “Dictionary of authors of imaginary literature in French America” ​​(DALIAF) has been published in 2011 by Alire editions.

Readers of science fiction, fantasy and fantasy will be happy to learn that a website listing French-Canadian production in the genres of the imaginary has just been launched.

More than 10 years ago, a dictionary listing all the French-speaking authors of science fiction, fantasy and fantasy (SFFF) in North America was published by Alire editions . The period covered by the Dictionary of Authors of Imaginary Literature in French America (DALIAF) spans from 1835 – year of publication of La Tour de Trafalgar by Georges Boucher de Boucherville, first listed fantastic text – till today.

Fantasy is a literary genre in which the action takes place in an imaginary world populated by supernatural, mythical or legendary beings, while fantasy is characterized by the intrusion of the supernatural into the realistic setting of a narrative.    

The Daliaf.com site combines information from this dictionary with the editorial content of several volumes of The Year of Science Fiction and Quebec Fantasy (L' ASFFQ), critical works whose annual publications began in 1984.

Daliaf.com “is made up of three types of information (bibliographical, biographical and critical) which are so many strata making it possible to apprehend, like a snapshot, the respective contribution of the authors and autrices who participate in the constitution of the corpus of these three genres”, can be read on the site. 

Thus, this directory brings together novels of the imagination, but also short stories, tales, published dramatic texts and collections containing at least one fantastic, science-fiction or fantasy text.  

“Reprints of works, regardless of their number, are also reported, as are translations into various languages, an indication of the influence of the author or author outside his or her natural territory”, adds one on Daliaf.com. 

More exhaustive portraits of writers as well as news, studies and memoirs on the SFFF are also offered on the site. 

You unfamiliar with the imaginary literatures of Quebec and French Canada? Now you know how to fix it!

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