Daycare drama: the identity of the driver revealed

Daycare drama daycare: driver’s identity revealed

The 51-year-old man who drove into a Laval daycare center this morning is called Pierre Ny St-Amand. He has no criminal record.

The driver of the Société de transport de Laval (STL) faces charges of homicide and dangerous driving. Two children died, one at the scene of the accident and the other in hospital.

Six other children aged 4 to 5 who have suffered several traumas are currently receiving care at the CHU Sainte-Justine, but their lives are not in danger, confirmed a representative from the pediatric hospital center.

The motive for the act remains unknown, said Laval Police Service (SPL) Chief Pierre Brochet during a press briefing. According to the testimonies collected on the spot, the behavior of Mr. Ny St-Amand suggests that his action was deliberate. After hitting the daycare centre, Mr. Ny St-Amand got out of the recessed bus and undressed. A group of at least four people then allegedly overpowered the screaming man.

The STL employee is currently being questioned by investigators.

Psychosocial assistance is offered at the Parc school to provide support to people affected by the tragedy. The 80 children who attended the Ste-Rose Educational Daycare will all be relocated to another educational center tomorrow, assured the Minister of Families, Suzanne Roy.

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