De Gaulle withdrawn from the poster and postponed releases [VIDEO]

De Gaulle withdrawn from the poster and exits postponed [VIDEO]

De Gaulle will leave the poster on October 1.

Share September 29, 2020 10:18 am Update at 4:18 pm Share De Gaulle withdrawn from the poster and postponed releases [VIDEO]De Gaulle withdrawn from the poster and exits postponed [VIDEO]

Éric Moreault Le Soleil The announcement by the Government of Quebec to close cinemas in Quebec City, Lévis and Montreal will soon have repercussions. The distributor of the biographical feature De Gaulle , with Lambert Wilson in the title role, has announced that it will drop out on Thursday, October 1. And releases have been postponed until Greek calendars.

“For the sake of the film, which is thus cut off from access to nearly 80% of its cinephiles, AZ Films has decided to remove De Gaulle from the screens,” Antoine Zeind explained in a press release. The feature film will however resume the poster at the end of 2020, assured the distributor.

This decision illustrates the repercussions of the closing of theaters in the COVID-19 red zone on theaters located elsewhere in the province, which may find themselves without new films to screen in the coming weeks.


In fact, Axia Films, the distributor of Souterrain, the highly anticipated feature film by Sophie Dupuis, had to resolve to postpone the release scheduled for October 9. It will be later this fall, or even in 2021. Same thing for Three Days and a Life with Sandrine Bonnaire.


As for K-Films Amérique, the distributor has also decided to ignore the things we say, the things we do , a film by Emmanuel Mouret seen recently at the Festival de Québec. It is not known when the film can be rescheduled.

The only positive note in this concert of cancellations, the Opale films keep Aznavour, le regard de Charles, a feature-length documentary on the famous singer, in 14 cinemas located outside the red zones. The film premieres Thursday, October 1. “We firmly believe that theaters respect all measures put in place and that theaters are safe places,” said Christian Larouche.

The distributor is however forced to push back The Vinland club , initially scheduled for November 4.

Several recalled that no case of COVID has been linked to a Quebec movie theater. “In France where the increase in cases remains distressing, the cinemas are not closing, and there too no case of contagion has ever been recorded there”, indicates Louis Dussault, president of K-Films Amérique.

“The decision of the Quebec government to close theaters, respecting the rules of distancing, is disastrous for our economy, for the network of theaters, and the Quebec distributors who supplied them entirely, for lack of American products. This historic situation also made it possible to program Quebec films, documentaries and international films with subtitles in markets where the population rarely had access to them. ”

The Things We Say, The Things We Do – K-FILMS AMERICA Trailer

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