Dear Criminals: Sweetness and intimacy for a song

Dear Criminals: Sweetness and intimacy for the duration of a song

Vincent Legault, Frannie Holder and Charles Lavoie, members of the Montreal electro-minimal group, Dear Criminals.

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Andréanne Beaudry La Tribune For once, it is thanks to the pandemic that three artists were able to realize an artistic fantasy that they had been dreaming of for a few years. On November 20 and 21, and despite the red zone, Montreal group Dear Criminals will perform one-song performances in front of one or two spectators at the Little Black Box in Sherbrooke.

A little before the first deconfinement in Montreal, one of the trio members, Vincent Legault, said to himself that it might finally be the opportunity to offer their show to one person at a time.

“We wanted to do it, but it was zero profitable. We then thought that we would put that in our box of fantasies-shows, ”said one of the members of the trio of the electro-minimal group, Frannie Holder, in an interview with La Tribune.

Let's say that this show formula ultimately turned out to be the only option available in a time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The pandemic has made it possible to make relevant the concept that we had already wanted to achieve for some time,” she adds.

When purchasing a ticket, those interested must also choose a song from a repertoire of ten works offered by Dear Criminals. In the space of an hour, about six to eight performances are delivered, each of about ten minutes, according to the experience of Frannie Holder.

“It has nothing to do with what I have experienced before in my career. For me, this is probably the most striking, important and stabbing spectacle of my life, ”says the artist of the performances in Montreal.

Eight hours of service

At first, the group offered mini-performances for eight hours, unsure of which mental or emotional posture to choose.

“I was burnt to the limit. I cried afterwards, because in a way I received the emotional charge of several people in such an intimate and delicate context. “

Usually, artists meet their audience on stage with some anonymity due to the crowd or the mass effect. “Otherwise, you don't really have such a private time with them.” But when you surround these people for five minutes, you feel that emotional abandonment. For my part, I only try to guide them with kindness ”, underlines Frannie Holder, who feels privileged in this kind of formula.

Only two meters away, the spectators are a little embarrassed, feverish and curious, testifies Frannie. “They get a big dose of sweetness and humanity in a year when these moments are more difficult to create. “

Frannie Holder believed, like her colleagues, that it would be only a “pandemic thing”, but the group hopes to continue to offer these mini-services thereafter.

“It's truly unique as an experience and even difficult to explain because it is living in real time, as much for them as for us, this whole bubble of intimacy. “

Those interested in living this unique experience in Sherbrooke can purchase tickets on the site now. The schedule for November 21 is full, but there are still places for the 20. At the time of this writing, the performances were maintained, since they have already been presented elsewhere in a red zone context.

Do you want to go?

Lone Ride

Dear Criminals

Friday, November 20, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

The Little Black Box

Admission: $ 20

Tickets available here

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