Death of Koray Kevin Celik: the police intervention deemed non-compliant

Death of Koray Kevin Celik: the police intervention deemed not in conformity

Cesur Celik, the father of Koray Kevin Celik.

Koray Kevin Celik died on April 6, 2017 following an improper police intervention, concluded the report by coroner Luc Malouin, released Friday.

Informed by the opinion of an expert in the use of force at the École nationale de police du Québec (ENPQ), the coroner ruled that “this intervention was not made in application of the elementary principles of a good police intervention”.

The incident with the disastrous outcome took place at the place of residence of the victim’s parents, on Île Bizard. Mr. Celik was visiting them at the time. During the evening of April 5, the man had become restless and attempted to drive off to stock up on sleeping pills, although his condition did not allow him to drive.

Her mother stepped in to stop her before the situation escalated and she appealed to the authorities for help. The visit by law enforcement led to a deadly altercation for Mr. Celik. The police used force to subdue the then 28-year-old man. Several blows with a telescopic baton were in particular dealt to him. Once on the ground and handcuffed, Koray Kevin Celik was not breathing.

“This situation once again raises the question of the continuous training of police officers. In this case, no police officer had received training in de-escalation and intervention with people in crisis despite the fact that they had several years of experience at the SPVM, “notes the report.

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