Deconfinement: the PLQ wants more “transparency and predictability”

Deconfinement: the PLQ wants more

Dominique Anglade

Wishing for more predictability and transparency in terms of deconfinement measures, the leader of the Quebec Liberal Party (PLQ), Dominique Anglade proposes a five-point plan to put an end to the “small-week management” of the CAQ government.

“What must be done is to put an end to a management which ensures that from press point to press point, we learn what will happen the next day, indicated Ms. Anglade in a press point, Sunday. There must be dates, criteria and protocols. People have to understand what the criteria are going to be that will ensure that these dates will work so that we can follow. And protocols that will accompany the different sectors. We must re-open, but above all give ourselves the means not to close again”.

The PLQ wishes in particular to set up a unit called COVIE-19, the purpose of which would be to coordinate efforts to reopen and maintain activities in conjunction with the various government partners in order to prepare for deconfinement.

“It will allow us to have a link with the various partners: cultural circles, catering, indigenous communities, so that not only are we able to prepare for the deconfinement, but also to maintain the links to avoid that’ we find ourselves playing the yo-yo. Let's stop playing yo-yo with our artists, our restaurateurs and our athletes, ”explains Ms. Anglade.

The establishment of an independent scientific committee that would be led by the chief scientist of Quebec. is also recommended in the plan proposed by the PLQ.

It also suggests “sectoral and predictable” deconfinement plans, as well as the implementation of long-term supply plans for what is personal protective equipment, vaccines and medication.

Finally, the Liberal leader would also like the press briefings concerning the COVID-19 of the Prime Minister, François Legault, to no longer be made jointly with the public health.

More details to come.

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