Decoration, fashion and well-being: the big trends of 2023

Deco, fashion and well-being: the big trends of 2023

Grunge, funky, futuristic… what will 2023 look like? Based on user research, Pinterest and Etsy shared their predictions with us. Here is what awaits you!   

Pantone, but not only 

Like every year, the Pantone color sets the tone. And on December 31, when the clock strikes 12, we can exclaim: “Viva Magenta!” Yes, it's the name of the Pantone color, neither quite red nor quite pink, which should brighten up 2023.  

Dé co, fashion and well-being: the big trends of 2023

According to Etsy's predictions, the year will be more mixed. For fashion as for decoration, the online sales site which puts forward designers and creators is already seeing a craze for two complementary colors: indigo and bee yellow.  

< p>For its part, Pinterest predicts that orange and all colors that come close to it (copper, terracotta, brick) will be in the spotlight, especially at weddings and large events.  

< h2>Mode 2.23 

Surprise! (Or not.) The fashion craze of the 2000s is not about to run out of steam. According to Pinterest, we are more specifically inspired by romcomstaking mini-skirts, bustiers and spaghetti strap dresses out of the wardrobe. For its part, Etsy announces the advent of the grunge aesthetic based on hoodies, vintage glasses, cargo pants and fishnet.  

Other trends should also have their heyday this year. Pinterest in particular anticipates that we will see in the coming months fringes, lace and tulle worn by both men and women. We should also see the emergence of rave looksand a “cyber streetwear” trend paired with futuristic haircuts and short bangs.  

Speaking of hair fashion, 2023 is shaping up to be two-toned! Black and blue braids, blond and long hair, pink and brown or multicolored, we say bye to uniform shades.   

It melts in the decor 

In 2023, we are definitely saying goodbye to straight lines and geometric shapes in our homes. We let ourselves be tempted by the curves, the round, melting and textured shapes that “are inspired by the organic movement of molten lava”, notes Etsy. We therefore give pride of place to glass objects, ceramics or sculpted candles and marble, which now comes in a multitude of colors, some of which are more eccentric.  

At the same time, vintage objects, found from right to left, are making a comeback to mix with interiors with colorful funky and even downright psychedelic decors reminiscent of the 1970s.  

< strong>New era for self-care 

Taking care of yourself in 2023 is above all about trying to gain mobility and flexibility, especially for Generations X and Y. On Pinterest there is growing interest in stretching exercises, primitive movement and workouts that gently work the joints.  &nbsp ; 

To cultivate well-being, one also takes care of one's head, figuratively – notably through art therapy and journaling – and literally, with cranial massages and scalp masks.  

Also, if you don't have a tub to bask in for hours in hot water, 2023 thought of you! The trend is towards shower bombs (yes there is) and routines that make the shower a soothing and rejuvenating ritual.   

To drink and eat  

When it comes to food, the trend is towards marine “superfoods”, aka seaweed! Nori, spirulina, wakame, seaweed snacks, this year seaweed will be everywhere! At the same time (we're not sure it mixes well), flowers will also carve out a place for themselves on our plates. mocktails! Yes, alcohol-free has made its way, so that we now have the choice to drink or not. In any case, we explore, we test recipes and we decorate our glasses with original ice cubes.  

A year in eco mode 

Ecology and economy will be the two watchwords this year! On the one hand, we try by all means to reduce water waste (with water collectors, gardens adapted to dry weather) and on the other hand, we “gamify” our finances and challenge ourselves. to save as much as possible and stick to your budget.  

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