Decorations by apprentice cabinetmakers color Montréal-Nord

Decorations d&rsquo ;Apprentice cabinetmakers color Montréal-Nord

One of the decorations made by the apprentice cabinetmakers of l'Escale and scattered throughout Montreal-Nord.

Young apprentice cabinetmakers from l’Escale have created Christmas works with their own hands as the holidays approach. These were scattered all over Montreal North, notably on rue de Charleroi, near the Pierre-de-Coubertin school, near the Archbishop, around the town hall and around the Cultural and Community House.

The Center des Jeunes l’Escale has set up the Woodworking Workshops project for young people aged 15 and over, who are encouraged to explore the different facets of woodworking. By developing inspiring projects, the workshops develop their interests and encourage the pleasure of learning in action.

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