Delicacies, by Cynthia Touchette: colorful butterflies and emotion

Delicacies, by Cynthia Touchette: colorful butterflies and emotion

“I like that we can wonder how the painting was constructed. When I work, I try to cover things up so that people don't really know, ”says artist Cynthia Touchette.

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Andréanne Beaudry La Tribune “Each painting is like solving a problem, and the bigger it is, the longer the problem is but satisfying”, mentions the visual artist Cynthia Touchette, speaking of the paintings in her new series Les Délicatesses . About thirty of his paintings are now on display on the ground floor of the Maison des arts et de la culture in Brompton, until November 1.

“For this exhibition, I asked myself: what creates the intensity when we fall in love, all these little butterflies and these emotions that we feel on all sides? Often times we have the impression that something is emerging and creating a state or a feeling. I found that the word delicacies referred to everything that rises inside us and that is not tangible, ”explained Cynthia Touchette to La Tribune at the time of her opening.

Also, for the artist, this title represents well all the small touches of color of the whole of his corpus.

Cynthia Touchette has been preparing the series she presents today since 2016. “I am also a mother of two young boys who are starting to grow up now. Obviously, that slows down my practice, ”comments the designer, who also works as a teacher at Champlain College in Lennoxville.


Among her paintings of all formats, Cynthia Touchette believes that two of them reflect well, on the one hand, the theme, and, on the other hand, her practice.

The first represents the meeting of two characters. This canvas is in a way the first step in his exhibition. “It seems to have created a kind of general eureka for the rest,” she emphasizes.

Delicacies, by Cynthia Touchette: colorful butterflies and emotion

On the canvas on the right, the first character split when Cynthia Touchette tried to find a way to better distribute the space. La Tribune, André Vuillemin

The teacher admits that some things happened by accident. “I found that I was a bit stuck in the composition of my painting and I didn't like the way the space was distributed,” she says. She therefore decided to duplicate her first work. As a result, the fingers of the two characters involuntarily touched.

“But it was the THAT moment! The meeting when you fall in love. “

Unfinished voluntary

In the work entitled Univers (2), the two bodies merge and create something else. “I find that this painting represents my practice well, because there is structure first and foremost,” she says.

Delicacies, by Cynthia Touchette: colorful butterflies and emotion

Univers (2) represents the “complete” meeting between two people. La Tribune, André Vuillemin

This large format canvas changed several times along the way, but at each stage, the painter kept some traces of these modifications.

“In this fusion, I wanted to bring out a lot of things. So there are the small touches, a work of lines and mediums that give the impression of entering the surface. It creates unexpected things that I can't control. “

The unfinished style is voluntary, assures the artist. “I like that we can ask ourselves how the painting was constructed, how we can also read it and wonder what came first or after. When I work, I try to cover things up so that people don't really know ”, specifies Cynthia Touchette, who does not hide that, for her, creation has a playful aspect.

In other words, art brings a certain lightness to her. Moreover, one of his mentors, present at the opening, shares this opinion. “Precisely, not understanding anything in a work of art is restful for the mind”, indicates Monique Beaulieu, who appreciates the colorful and luminous work of her friend, whose artistic career she has known for 20 years now.

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