Demonstration against Bill 96

Demonstration against the law 96

Dawson College.

Bill 96 “on the official and common language of Quebec, French” continues to generate a lot of ink. A demonstration is planned for downtown on Saturday morning to denounce the reform of the Charter of the French language by the Legault government.

The demonstrators will march from Dawson College to the office of Premier François Legault. The leader of the Quebec Liberal Party (PLQ), Dominique Anglade, will join this event alongside her team.

The PLQ invited the population on Thursday, via its Facebook page, to join their leader. “For the occasion, we invite you to wear as many red clothes as possible, in order to show the entire community that we are there for them and attentive to their needs. Together, we will say loud and clear to François Legault that his Bill 96 goes too far”, indicates the message of the PLQ.

This bill, which “aims to affirm that the only official language of Quebec is French” and “also affirms that French is the common language of the Quebec nation”, proposes several amendments to the Charter of the French language.

In terms of education, this bill provides in particular “various provisions to oversee the development of college educational institutions” and “also makes changes to the provisions relating to the policies of college and university educational institutions with respect to the use and quality of the French language”.

In an amendment tabled at the end of April, it is expected that English-speaking CEGEPs will be able to offer “rights holders” to take three French courses rather than three courses in French, the Legault government finally ruled.

Le monde business is not spared since it will have to comply with various measures aimed, among other things, at “extending francization to businesses with 25 or more employees”. As for the monitoring of the evolution of the linguistic situation in Quebec, it will be carried out by a commissioner for the French language.

The event is organized by the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN), in collaboration with several partners, including the English Parents' Committee Association (EPCA), the Quebec Federation of Home-School Associations (FAQS) and l’ Quebec English School Boards Association (ACSAQ).

The provisions of Bill 96 “will have a significant impact on the rights of all Quebecers and will inflict incalculable harm on the English-speaking community of Quebec,” according to Quebec Community Groups Network.

As Bill 96 moves towards its adoption in the National Assembly, the grumbling of Anglophones is still as strong and joins that of Indigenous communities.< /p>

Representatives of the Assembly of First Nations of Quebec and Labrador (AFNQL) denounced this bill on Tuesday, which does not provide for any special status for Aboriginal languages. In a press briefing, AFNQL Chief Ghislain Picard asked that Indigenous communities be exempted from this bill.

More details to come.< /p>

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