Demonstration by public network psychologists

Network psychologists' demonstration public

Psychologists from the public network will demonstrate on Sunday afternoon in Dorchester Square in Montreal to denounce the shortage of professionals to the detriment of patients.

The Coalition of Psychologists in Quebec public network (CPRPQ) is organizing this event with the aim of challenging the government regarding the “mental health crisis” that is shaking the province.

“Mental problems have increased a lot since the pandemic. There are nearly 20,000 people waiting for a consultation in the public network. It's dramatic. We want to sound the alarm,” explains Dr. Catherine Serra Poirier, psychologist and vice-president of the CPRPQ, contacted by telephone.

The creation of a union dedicated to psychologists in the public network is eagerly awaited. in the middle. “Waiting lists in the public could be considerably reduced thanks to better recognition of our work and attractive conditions”, mentions Ms. Serra Poirier.

“Nearly 75% of students who obtain a doctorate in psychology want to work in the public network, but only 25% take the plunge because of unattractive salary conditions.”

On the government side, the creation of a union of psychologists in the public network is not on the agenda.

The Minister for Health and Social Services (MSSS), Lionel Carmant, announced at the beginning of the month the establishment of an advisory committee on the conditions of practice of psychologists in the health and social services network.

The CPRPQ, which welcomed this announcement, however declared that “this committee will not be able to examine the working conditions of psychologists”.

“We have a real shortage of psychologists in the public network in Quebec. The government is not providing real solutions,” adds Catherine Serra Poirier.

“Hiring new psychologists with a catch-up salary would save Quebec $228 million annually in terms of visits to the emergency room, visits to family doctors, hospitalizations”, supports the CPRPQ.

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