Demonstration in favor of the reform of the Charter of the French language

Demonstration in favor of the reform of the Charter of the French language

Jean-Nicolas Néron, François Gervais, Marie Gagnon, Maxime Lawrence and Widler Jules are among the organizers of this event.

The Quebec 101 group organized a demonstration in Montreal on Saturday to defend the reform of the Charter of the French language by the Legault government.

This rally, which kicked off at 2 p.m. at Dorchester Square, comes a week after a demonstration in downtown Montreal to denounce this reform.

“Patriots Day is symbolic. At the time, it was a day when the population demanded a lot of things […]. What a great opportunity to support this reform, the sole objective of which is to preserve the French language in Quebec,” said one of the organizers Widler Jules, reached by telephone.

Quebec 101, which aims to be apolitical, was created in early May for “the active promotion of the French language in Quebec”. The group had invited the population, via its Facebook page, to join their very first event.

More than 650 people showed their interest in taking part in this gathering which ended at the Place Arts around 6 p.m. “In Quebec it is in French that it happens! If you are tired of the constant anglicization of Montreal, of being served in English, and of being greeted bilingually, come and demonstrate”, indicated their message.

We are against no one. Is it really wrong to defend the French language? There are many immigrants who are drawn to Quebec to live and work in French.

Widler Jules, one of the organizers of Quebec 101.

Bill 96 “ on the official and common language of Quebec, French” is heading towards its adoption by the National Assembly. This project proposes several modifications to the Charter of the French language.

Québec 101 is in favor of several measures, particularly in terms of education and French as the language of work.

The bill provides, among other things, “obligations applicable to employers to ensure compliance with the right of workers to carry out their activities in French” and “gives the employee the right to a work environment that is free from discrimination or harassment related to the use of French”.

The text obliges “employers to take reasonable steps to avoid imposing the requirement of knowledge of a language other than French in order to access or retain a position” and imposes new obligations in terms of francization for businesses with 25 to 49 employees. 

“There is nothing in Bill 96 that fundamentally violates the rights of Anglophones,” adds Widler Jules .

The reform of the Charter of the French language still arouses strong dissatisfaction. Yesterday Mohawks demonstrated in Kahnawake against the draft of Bill 96 and marched to the Mercier Bridge.

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