Demonstration planned to curb the slaughter of deer in Longueuil

Demonstration planned to curb the slaughter of deer in Longueuil

Tension is mounting in Longueuil, as the new mayor Catherine Fournier intends to go ahead with the slaughter of 60 deer at the park Michel Chartrand. The organization Sauvetage Animal Rescue plans to hold a demonstration against the City’s initiative this Friday.

The demonstration will be held in front of the Hôtel de Ville de Longueuil. Actress and former Mouvement Montréal candidate Patricia Tulasne will be present, as well as anti-species activist Sandra Gajdos.

The organization held a meeting with the Fournier administration on January 11. Ethical initiatives have been presented to the City, such as the sterilization of deer, the creation of a nature reserve or their relocation. “But the city and the mayor prefer that these deer be put down, because these innocent animals are experiencing some overpopulation due to human disturbance of the ecosystem”, criticizes the organization in a press release.

Faced with the potential execution of the deer, the Montreal SPCA admits to being “concerned”. “Rather than working on the social acceptability of mass culling methods, the City of Longueuil should rather pave the way by showing that ethical and innovative wildlife management, based on the best scientific approaches, is possible”, values ​​the organization.

Lethal methods of population control are unpopular with citizens and it is wrong to attribute this opposition to mere emotional reaction. Science shows that they are ineffective in the long term.


Fierce Opposition

In early December, About a hundred people had gathered in Michel-Chartrand Park to demonstrate against the killing of deer.

According to the City of Longueuil, the overpopulation of deer in this park is deteriorating its condition. The herd has experienced strong growth in recent years. It would have between 70 and 100 animals at present. The park's carrying capacity is estimated at approximately 15 deer. Various experts have indicated that alternative methods to slaughter would be too expensive or ineffective.

The former Mayor of the City, Sylvie Parent, also sided with the deer slaughter. For her position, she was threatened with death by activists.

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