Dermapure: building an empire of aesthetic care

Dermapure: building an empire of aesthetic care

The president of Dermapure, Marilyne Gagné, finds herself at the head of a group with an impressive turnover and she does not intend to stop there.

Barely 13 years after launching her medical aesthetic clinic concept focusing on care rather than surgery, the president of Dermapure, Marilyne Gagné, finds herself at the head of a group with an impressive turnover and she does not intend to stop there. Maintenance. 

Dermapure: building an empire of aesthetic care

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Marilyne Gagné, president and founder of Dermapure 

2009: Creation of Dermapure 

< p>2022: Dermapure Groupe Functionalab merges with competitor FYi Medical Aesthetics 

68 clinics in the country 

< strong>200 millions of dollars in sales 

More than 300 employees just with Dermapure

A turnover of 200 million dollars does not happen in a day, how did the Dermapure adventure begin?

“15 years ago, I trained doctors on different dermatological platforms […]. I wanted to have a concept that would support these professionals a little more in all spheres of medical and aesthetic work so that they could focus on their patients. I wanted to be able to offer them all the administrative support, but also get them to communicate and educate the [health and aesthetics] market.”  

At one time where many people opt for cosmetic surgery, what makes others opt for non-surgical cosmetic procedures instead?  

“For the look natural! People are afraid of being transformed by surgery, that's what holds them back. They prefer to make small changes that make them look fitter and don't drastically alter their appearance. Dermapure also uses certain reversible products that can be dissolved in less than 24 hours if a modification is regretted.” 

There are many other clinics and people sometimes don't know where to turn. How did you build trust with your customers? 

“It is certain that when a brand is supported by L’Oréal Paris, then we begin to be safe. […] In our field there is sometimes abuse, so for us, it is important to be a leaderresponsible in the market by targeting customers aged 35 and over, so as not to not create needs in the youngest, in addition to always aiming for a natural result. By becoming the largest network of clinics, we have an even greater responsibility to be honest in our approach and to be able to sometimes say no to patients.” 

After more than 10 years in the field, would you say that medical aesthetics is a business environment where competition is fierce? 

“This was not the case in my first years with Dermapure, but our market is starting to be a bit saturated. Professionals in the field therefore come together in four different groups [Victoria Park, Dermapure, FYi and Medspa Partners]. There are still a bunch of independent clinics, but in the next two years, the majority of doctors will make a choice about which team they want to work for. So yes, we are going through a special moment in the field and the goal for us is to elevate the entire market.” 

You have just merged with FYi, which was one of the biggest market players, has this been in your plans for a long time? 

“When I tried to convince a doctor to do business with us, we were always the two finalists [among the four big groups in Canada]. […] Nine months ago we started talking, I spent time with FYi associates in Calgary and we realized that our values ​​matched. As we were at the same size, each with 100 million in turnover, we said to ourselves that it was time or never to make an equal union.  

With such a turnover, you must have plenty of projects in mind. What are the next steps for the company? 

“We are targeting the United States very soon. We are ready to propel ourselves internationally.  We are currently at 200 million, we think that with the United States we can reach half a billion and then, by opening up to other countries, we are aiming to reach one billion one day. That's a financial objective, you have to have one, but my real dream is that one day we have Dermapure Paris, Dermapure London, Dermapure New York and that people know they are safe all over the world in our clinics”.  

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