Derogatory clause: the PLQ claims to have denounced it before Justin Trudeau

Derogation clause: the PLQ claims to have denounced it before Justin Trudeau

Liberal MP Marc Tanguay

In the wake of the heated debate between Justin Trudeau and François Legault around the he use of the notwithstanding clause, the Quebec Liberal Party (PLQ) claims to have had a head start on the Prime Minister of Canada. The interim leader of the PLQ, Marc Tanguay, prides himself, in a tweet, on having hounded the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) on the issue.

 “We, the elected officials of the Parti liberal of Quebec, did not wait for Ottawa to denounce the use made by the CAQ of the two derogatory clauses”, one can read in this publication. But like Justin Trudeau, Mr. Tanguay believes that using the clause should be something of a last resort only. /1617269328411336705?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

“The Quebec Liberal Party has always defended the fundamental rights and freedoms of all Quebecers. […] Any use of the notwithstanding clause, both for the Quebec Charter and for the Canadian Charter, must be targeted and only as a last resort,” he stated.

Leader of the Official Opposition did not, in his tweet, comment on Justin Trudeau's point of view on the question but promises to tackle the CAQ on “this important debate, in particular in the National Assembly of Quebec”.

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