Diving into the collection of poetry “Russian fog doll”

Dive into the collection of poetry «Russian fog doll»

The author Kathleen Laurin-Mc Carthy

For her first publication, Kathleen Laurin-Mc Carthy takes us into a singular universe. Tinted with coldness and punctuated with lesions, Russian doll of fog never fails to captivate us, to disturb us.

We follow the author stuck somewhere between childhood and the weight of an adulthood that does not quite arrive. The ugly is magnified here by an embodied and liberating writing of a dysfunctional family.

If you navigate through the pages, the destination is all the more remarkable.

Scissors caught in the throat, I waddle,
gobble them, let them play in my belly.
Child's craft , I make nautical
knots with my guts.

Excerpt from Russian Fog Doll by Kathleen Laurin-Mc Carthy

Dive-into-the-collection-of-poetry sie “Russian Fog Doll”

From Hammock editions

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