Do it best: fuck the lawyers!

Do it best: slap the lawyers!

No less than 11 billion pounds of avocados are consumed each year in the world, according to the World Economic Forum.

Should guacamole, sandwiches, sushi and other delicacies featuring avocado be banned from our diet if we want to eat green?  

The question arises since its culture is expensive for the planet. First, a single avocado requires 340 liters of water to reach maturity, according to the international non-profit organization WWF. This is more than the average daily household consumption of Canadians, which includes showers, cleaning, etc.  

The growing demand has also led to deforestation, monocultures and loss of biodiversity. And since avocados travel a long way, add polluting transport to Canada. Icing on the cake, organized crime has invaded the Mexican plantations.  

So that's it, we have to learn to live without it? Not necessarily! “In nutrition, in 2022, we shouldn’t deprive ourselves of much,” says nutritionist Édith Ouellet. On the other hand, we can be aware of the value of each food we put on our plate.” The idea is therefore not to eliminate avocados from our diet, but rather to learn how to preserve them better and consume them sparingly. 

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Smart consumption 

Creator of pro-environment content, Maude Carmel is an advocate – and no pun intended – of local food.  

Like Édith Ouellet, she suggests buying avocados individually depending on how you intend to consume them in order to avoid waste. 

It's also good to make sure they aren't already brownish inside. “When you feel them, you shouldn't feel that there is space between the skin and the flesh. If you lift the stalk, it has to be a nice green,” explains Maude, while Edith adds that it is better to favor organic avocados.  

The nutritionist also has advice for keeping the exotic fruit longer. “You can really play around with ripening quite easily,” she says before offering some tips. If the avocado is still too firm, you can put it in a bag with an apple or a banana for a day. Conversely, a ready-to-eat avocado can be stored in the fridge or even mashed to freeze. Blackening is avoided by adding a little lemon juice and keeping the core.

Do it better: Slap the lawyers!

Avocado sandwiches have been very popular for a few years./Photo: Caroline Green/UnsplashThere is nothing that really replaces the flesh of the avocado, but several tips can help us reduce our consumption. Édith Ouellet launches the idea of ​​stretching her guacamole by mixing it with a puree of a green vegetable or even of going for good local fats like sunflower oil.  

Maude Carmel suggests thinking about what attracts us to the avocado and turning to other foods that remind us of its creamy and umami side such as oilseed purees (sesame, pistachio , hazelnut, cashew) or tofu. And when we decide to treat ourselves, we take the opportunity to make the avocado the king of our plate.   

You can also surf the web in search of anti-waste tips to reuse the skin or core. Fabric dye, foot moisturizer, disposable dishes or a seedling pot… the options are varied. 

And you know what? By reducing your consumption of avocados, you will probably enjoy them even more when you taste them!

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