Do you have a 72 hour emergency kit?

Do you have a kit emergency 72 hours?

Nearly a month after the ice storm hit that deprived more than a million Quebec homes of power, the City of Montreal encourages citizens who do not already have it one, to put together a 72-hour emergency kit.

The latter could be used during violent weather episodes, natural disasters or accidents that would disrupt the daily lives of Montrealers. It could be, among other things, major storms, floods, industrial accidents and “any other disaster in Montreal”, indicates the City.

A 72-hour emergency kit will allow citizens to survive for three days, in the event that they are not allowed to leave their homes for security reasons.


Kits for this purpose can be obtained from the Canadian Red Cross. The Salvation Army also sells basic kits, the City notes.

Citizens are invited to include in their kit: 2 liters of portable water per person per day, non-perishable food, a manual can opener, a battery-operated radio and a flashlight battery-powered or hand-cranked.

You will need to add to this list a first-aid kit, candles, matches and lighters, as well as a whistle that will signal your presence to the rescue teams in the event of an accident. need.

The City advises citizens to place this complete kit in an easily accessible place, so that they can locate it even in the dark. All members of the household should be informed of the whereabouts of the kit.

It will be important to make sure to replace water and non-perishable food each year, the city says.

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