Do you have the same erotic dreams as everyone else?

Do you have the same erotic dreams as everyone else?

Have you ever walked into the office one morning and when you see Martin, your colleague, you realize he was in your dream…. erotic. But why does our brain write us such scenarios and what does it mean? 

The most common erotic dreams would be:  

< p>– Sex with a work colleague

It can just mean that you get along well with someone, and your subconscious extrapolates it, according to Nicole Gratton, creator of the School international dreams. 

-Experimenting with the same sex 

If you're not used to exploring these kinds of relationships, maybe you're discovering a new “feminine/masculine” asset within yourself, thinks Ms. Gratton, also a consultant, author and speaker. Otherwise, maybe you simply admire certain qualities in others of the same sex. 

-Making love to your ex 

The dream can allow you to regain control of a situation that has been imposed on you, to compensate for the balance of power. Dominating your ex who left you is, for example, not so atypical. It is also possible that this appearance from the past is a dream of communication (commonly called in the middle), which allows you to take a look at you, your emotions and your thoughts of the moment, illustrates the passionate about the subject.  

-A little quickie with the neighbor or neighbor 

This type of dream can arise to compensate for a lack of tenderness, affection or love, thinks Nicole Gratton.  But your neighbor who popsin your dream can also mean that you get along (very/too?) well with your neighborhood.  

-Spending the night with a speedboat 

The dream of exploration allows you to check your reaction and your limits in relation to a situation, like you would if Brad Pitt wanted to make love to you following a Hollywood premiere. It is often just a fantasy. 

Without judgment 

No one should be ashamed of having erotic thoughts of others, unless said fantasy is illegal, of course. These dreams – which bring some people to real orgasms – don’t matter. These are just thoughts to be demystified, recalls Nicole Gratton. 

“The dream has its own language, its unique mode of expression to address the consciousness of the dreamer. It expresses itself in metaphors, images and sensations,” she says so poetically, encouraging people to go beyond shame, without judging themselves too much. 

Family and erotic dream < /strong> 

While dreaming of having sex with a (mature) family member may create discomfort, it is indeed an experience experienced by many, according to our expert. 

These certainly disturbing nocturnal thoughts can arise from normal reasons. You may have connected with a family member and your unconscious is creating, as mentioned above, a more intense connection, recalls Ms. Gratton. Your head may want to forgive your mother for forgetting your birthday or show you how much you admire the manual side of your father, without your intentions being really sexual in real life.  

Manifesting the dream 

Before sleeping, Nicole Gratton advises setting an intention towards your dreams. Think about what you want to receive in your sleep to try to get it. 

It has to be “a noble intention” for your good or that of others, she nuances. Before going to sleep on February 14, for example, you can demonstrate (by repeating your goal in your head) to have access to lots of discount chocolates when you wake up. And poof! You will have it.  

To read Nicole Gratton or get help analyzing your dreams, you can visit her website. 

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