Dogs are now accepted in the Montreal metro

Dogs are now accepted in the Montreal metro

Dog owners can now travel in the Montreal metro network, accompanied by their animal.

Last month, the Société de transport de Montréal (STM) announced this nine-month pilot project, demanded in particular by the opposition party Ensemble Montréal and by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty. against animals (SPCA).

As of today, it is possible for man's best friend to board STM trains.

Rules to respect

To be able to travel with their faithful companion, dog masters and mistresses will however have to comply with certain rules: canines must be muzzled for the entire duration of their journey and maintained by a leash, with a maximum length of 125 centimeters.< /p>

Some time restrictions must be respected, since animals are only accepted from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., then after 7 p.m. on weekdays. These instructions do not apply to trips on weekends or on public holidays.

In addition, only one dog per traveler is allowed and it is the responsibility of the owners of the animals to clean up any damage caused by their animal. Owners must also ensure that their dog does not climb on the seats or on the benches.

“Everything will be put in place to ensure that this trial period takes place in optimal conditions,” assured the Director of Bus and Metro Operations for the STM, Nathalie Clément.

A guide to good practices for travel by public transport with your dog was written by the STM, in conjunction with the SPCA.

Possible extension of the pilot project

If passenger safety is not compromised , and that the presence of dogs in the city's metro network does not affect the quality of services provided to users, the STM could extend this pilot project over the next few months.

“We will evaluate rigorously and continuously the results of the pilot project in order to make an informed decision on the implementation of such a measure in the métro network,” commented the chairman of the STM board, Éric Alan Caldwell, in a press release.

Remember that the Longueuil–Université-de-Sherbrooke station was not included in this pilot project .

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