Domestic violence is much scarier than your Halloween decorations

Domestic violence is much scarier than your Halloween decorations

La Maison grise wants to draw attention to the real horror of domestic violence.

While we have fun scaring each other with ghosts, zombies and a few horror films to celebrate Halloween, La Maison grise has launched an awareness campaign to make horror, the real one, visible: experienced by women who are victims of violence. 

The organization that helps abused women was inspired by the Halloween decorations that we sometimes stick to our windows to highlight domestic violence to which many women are victims. 

In his awareness video, the silhouettes of ghosts, skeletons and pumpkins were replaced by those of a man about to hit his partner, threaten her or outright strangle her. 

“By juxtaposing these scenes of domestic violence with terrifying Halloween decorations, we hope to raise awareness among the general public about the real horrors that go unmentioned,” explained Nathalie Lamarche, executive director of La Maison grise, by way of release. 

While according to Statistics Canada, “the vast majority (80%) of victims of domestic violence said that the violence suffered had not been reported to the police”, La Maison grise hopes to encourage everyone to be more attentive. situations they might witness.

In Quebec, domestic violence accounts for no less than a quarter of all crimes committed against people and affects the vast majority (78%) of women. In 2022, 12 women and 6 children have already died as a result of domestic violence, estimates SOS violence conjugale.

Thanks to the money raised with this campaign, La Maison grise wishes to give itself the means to act more effectively with female victims. “Donations will help provide support to more women and their children affected by domestic violence. It is also imperative that men who engage in violence be able to benefit from the appropriate help, well before committing the irreparable, ”adds the director of the organization.

To contact SOS violence conjugale: 1 800 363-9010

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