Donald Lauture, the Montreal DJ who makes F1 swarm on the planet

Donald Lauture, the Montreal DJ bringing F1 to the planet

Donald Lauture

For more than 20 years, Montrealer Donald Lauture has been spinning his turntables all over the world. In addition to having conquered Montreal, where he will soon open his own establishment, the DJ entertains crowds around the world during Grand Prix events, in particular, but also in Air Canada planes.

< p>It was at the turn of the 2000s, in “basement parties“, “church parties” and “parties /em>school” that Donald Lauture makes his debut. 

If it was first by chance that he discovered this passion, the DJ quickly established himself on the Montreal scene.

“Most of the great clubs of the last 20 years in Montreal, I've done them,” he explains. 

To name a few examples: the Soubois , the W Hotel and the Flyjin are some of the Montreal establishments in which he had residencies.

“Often, clubs or hotels prefer to have a DJ who will be there one evening a week”, underlines Donald Lauture.

In addition to guaranteeing a certain standard and building customer loyalty, the residency allows the DJ to “leave his mark”. 

In 2003, Donald Lauture landed an international contract in Switzerland, the first of a long series, which gives him “the bite” for travel and the discovery ofnightlife across the planet.

“When you've been in a city all your life where you think you're the king of your village, as soon as you step out of that city, that's when you realize there's a whole other world out there,” he says. he. 

Official DJ of the F1 Paddock Club

While Donald Lauture has already l 'used to traveling to America and Europe to work, his career took a new turn in 2016. 

“Three days before the [Grand Prix] race in Montreal, I received a call from DJ E Rock, the DJ from Red Bull, who asks me if I would be available for the weekend because his DJ who was doing the Paddock Club around the world could not have their visa to enter Canada”, he continues.

The following year, Donald Lauture became one of the official DJs of the Formula 1 Paddock Club , the event part surrounding the private activities of the Grands Prix. This allows him to continue to travel since, of the twenty or so races scheduled on the official calendar of the F1 World Championship, Donald Lauture s takes care of eight to eleven Grands Prix all over the planet. 

At the very beginning, I traveled to discover my music, but in the last years, it's the opposite: I use the DJ to travel.

Donald Lauture

And, since last year, Donald Lauture's musical signature has been heard even in the sky. The DJ creates playlists for passengers on Air Canada's domestic and international flights.

Opening of his own lounge

In addition to participating in events such as the F1 Grand Prix, Donald Lauture will open his own establishment in Montreal in September. Frequent travelers will therefore be more often in the metropolis starting in the fall. 

Called Emmanuelle, the place is located in the heart of the Quartier des Spectacles, perched on the top floor of the building that houses it, and offers breathtaking views of Mount Royal and downtown. In the cozy decor of a lounge with a friendly atmosphere, Emmanuelle will be a place for encounters, discoveries and epicurean pleasures which will offer a catering and mixology service.  

In addition to bringing back a concept that he considers neglected for some time in Montreal, that of the lounge, Mr. Lauture believes that it’s what most reflects her personality.

“I'm not a very loud person, I'm not a person who likes to be the focus of the room”, he says.

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