Donald Trump announces his candidacy

Donald Trump announces his candidacy< /p>

It’s done: Donald Trump will try again to become president of the United States, in 2024. The Republican made the announcement Tuesday, in his luxurious home in Mar-a-Lago, Florida , in the USA.

The former president took advantage of the’ opportunity to denounce the mandate of Joe Biden, who defeated him in the last ballot. American support for Kyiv almost brought the United States “to the brink of nuclear war”, he criticizes. The rise in crime, the number of illegal immigrants and inflation would also be due to the mismanagement of his rival, he argues.

Donald Trump was defeated in the 2020 election. He never admitted defeat. This was followed by an assault on the capitol by his supporters on January 6, 2021.

During the 2024 presidential race, Donald Trump will be 78 years old.

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