Don't put “naughty” toys under the tree!

Don't Don't put «naughty” toys under the tree!

Toys in Canada are regulated to be safe. However, sometimes dangerous toys end up on store shelves or sold online, and find their way into homes. Sometimes it’s the way they are used that puts children at risk. By knowing the possible risks, you can better protect the health and safety of children. Here are some precautions to take:

  • When buying a toy, make sure it's sturdy, well made and has the manufacturer's details.
  • Read and follow age labels recommended and warnings. Toys intended for older children may have small parts or other aspects that make them dangerous for younger children.
  • Keep small toys and detachable accessories away from children under three years of age, who have a tendency to put objects in their mouths and could choke.
  • When you buy gifts on the Internet, beware of fancy magnet sets with small powerful magnets. They are banned in Canada because they can cause serious internal injury or death if swallowed by young children.
  • Repair or dispose of broken toys . Check toys often to make sure they are free of broken or loose parts and sharp edges that can injure children.
  • Hold toys, especially plush ones or soft material, away from heat sources, such as stoves, fireplaces and radiators.

For more advice, including magnet safety, children's jewellery, soft and vinyl toys and small parts in toys, see the Toy Safety page.

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