DoorDash: Montreal in third position of “foodiest city” in Canada

DoorDash: Montreal ranks third as “foodiest city” in Canada

When it comes to orders on DoorDash in Canada, Montreal comes in ranks third in the city for the most gourmet with favorite foods being steamed hot dogs, poutines, onion rings and hamburgers. The two most greedy Canadian cities are Vancouver (in 2nd place) and Toronto (in 1st place).

In fact, it was in Outremont that the most expensive order was made: 12 dishes of skewers, meat and salad were ordered for a total of $2,761.

DoorDash Canada published its 2022 year-end trends report on Monday, revealing the best and weirdest food and ordering preferences this year. The company used data from January to November 2022 to present an overview of the biggest and most eccentric food, drink and ordering trends regionally and nationally.

Other interesting stats about DoorDash

Most Organized: The five cities below made the most advance orders.
1. Quebec
2. Drummondville
3. Winnipeg
4. Montreal
5. Calgary

The most ordered drinks and food in Montreal
1. Steak and cheese
2. Apple turnovers
3. Steamie
4. Croissant
5. Coffee
6. Dumpling
7. Taco
8. Poutine
9. Shawarma
10. Fries

Breakfast for supper: it is wrong to think that one cannot dinner with lunch. The four cities below have the most evening lunch orders:
1. Vancouver
2. Montreal
3. Toronto
4. Calgary

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