Dorval and Saint-Laurent: end of the boil water advisory

Dorval and Saint -Laurent: end of the boiling notice

The boiling notice that came into effect on September 22 for the sectors of the City of Dorval, the City of L Île-Dorval and the Borough of Saint-Laurent has been lifted.

Residents of these areas no longer need to boil tap water in order to drink it.

“The analyzes of the water samples from the last few hours show that the situation is back to normal in these sectors. The water meets in all respects the requirements of the regulations in terms of drinking water quality, ”said the City of Montreal, by way of a press release.

Until last night, residents were asked to boil their water for at least one minute before drinking it or using it to brush their teeth.

The advisory was issued following a power outage that occurred Thursday at the Dorval drinking water plant.

“This power outage caused a general drop in pressure in Dorval’s drinking water distribution network,” explains Hugo Bourgoin, media relations officer for the City of Montreal.

Before consuming water

Before consuming tap water again, the City of Montreal invites concerned citizens to take the following precautions:

  • Turn on all cold water taps and let the water run for a few minutes before use to allow the pipes to drain completely. The same procedure applies for outdoor faucets, garden hoses and drinking fountains.
  • Empty, wash and sanitize coffee machines, ice machines.
  • Change the filters if you have a water treatment or filtration system (pitcher, filter at the tap or under the sink, fridge with water dispenser) following the manufacturer's recommendations.

For more information about this notice, citizens can call the City of Montreal at any time by dialing 311 or visit the website deaul.

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