“Double occupation” drives out candidates accused of intimidation

«Double Occupancy» chasing candidates accused of intimidation

Candidates from the show “OD Martinique” are withdrawn by the production, which did not specify who it was.

The production of Occupation double Martinique announces that it is removing “candidates directly associated with bullying” from the show. They and their loved ones will be “supervised and supported to cope with this turnaround”.

The candidates concerned are Isaack, Philippe and Félix, confirms the production at Métro. The first two were shown the door today, while the third was already eliminated by the time the decision was made.

The announcement, made by press release late Wednesday afternoon, comes as three of the show's partners – Shop Santé, Oraki and Polysleep – announced they were cutting ties with the production.

The public criticizes the production of Occupation double for its inaction in the face of what is described as intimidation on the part of certain boys, in particular against Jonathan, candidate who has since left the adventure.

The team behind OD Martinique specifies that candidates who continue the adventure, as well as candidates already excluded, will receive training from Stéphane Villeneuve, professor in the Department of Didactics of the University of Quebec in Montreal and researcher in bullying prevention and digital skills. They will also participate in a discussion on non-violent communication with the author India Desjardins.

In addition, Dania Raminez, member of the Order of Psychologists, will go to Martinique to meet the candidates concerned with the intimidation charges as well as “to support anyone in need of on-site support”.

The Double Occupation production reiterates that they are taking the situation very seriously. She says she is taking “concrete steps to stop this and never happen again”.

OD Martinique is broadcast from Sunday to Thursday, at 6:30 p.m., on Noovo.

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