“Double Occupation” singles will flirt in Martinique

Les celibataires d&rsquo ;“Occupation double» will flirt in Martinique

The official poster of Occupation double in Martinique, to be seen at Noovo in the fall of 2022

The pandemic is almost behind us, the singles of < em>Double occupancy will (finally!) be able to return to flirting under the sun of exotic destinations!

We learned on Monday evening that it is in the heat of the West Indies, more precisely in Martinique, that will coo the candidates of the next version of Noovo's reality show, next fall.

Since the beginnings of the second life of Occupation double at Noovo (after the first 10 years at TVA, from 2003 to 2013, which had transported viewers to Portugal, California and in Spain), the show traveled to Bali (2017), Greece (2018) and South Africa (2019), before being forced into more modest ambitions with Double occupancy with us< /em>(2020) and Dual Occupancy in the West(2021), due to the coronavirus and the complications that have plagued travel over the past two years. The 2022 edition will already be, casually, the 16th season of Double occupation, OD for those close to you.

Our legendary Captain Twist, alias Jay Du Temple, will of course be back for a sixth stay in a row with the lonely hearts of OD. It was also the star animator of Noovo who revealed the enchanting new filming location, in Martinique, in a video with a fabulous setting published on social networks.

“ For the first time in the history of Double Occupancy, the houses have direct access to the ocean, via… A QUAI!”, announced Du Temple, declaring at the same time open the auditions for this new journey of twists and turns.

Girls and boys who want to try their luck at Double occupation in Martinique can register now, and until the 9 May at 11:59 p.m., at occupationdouble.noovo.ca.

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